List of relevant APIs

Relevant API calls in order for your EPM to experience BVNK payments

This page contains the full list of API calls that you will need in order for your EPM to access BVNK payments experience within your product.


Executing API calls on behalf of your Merchant

Make sure to set x-account-reference header with a value corresponding to the EPM account received using the webhook when account is opened.


Use the List wallet transactions API to either list either all transactions or specific transaction executed against your <<glossary:EPM>'s account

Withdraw crypto to an external address:

Use the Create payment API and choose type OUT to enable your EPM to withdraw crypto to their or a 3rd party address

Convert fiat into crypto or vice versa

Use the Convert endpoint to create a quote and Accept endpoint on the API to execute the conversion

Create a MerchantID

use the Create MID endpoint to create a new MerchantID to enable your EPM to generate a payment link described below

Generate a payment IN or OUT link

Use the Create Payment endpoint to generate/create a payment link (allows your Merchant to pay or receive in asset of their choice)

Track status of the payment

Use the Get Payment endpoint to track status of the payment transaction

Create channel

Use the Create channel endpoint to setup permanent address for your EPM to accept payments

Get channel

Use the Get channel endpoint to display permanent addresses for your EPMs