Building a checkout for crypto payments

This is a quick start guide for adding crypto payments to your checkout flow with BVNK. We will walk step by step through the process, from creating your first payment to building a UI ready to accept crypto payments from your customers.


Before you start

Make sure you've followed the getting setup steps so that you have your account setup, API keys ready, and a MID waiting to be used. We won't be going through these steps in the guide.

You can start the process here, it won't take long.

For this guide, we will be using the BVNK hosted page as this is the fastest way to add crypto to your payment flows.

An example of the BVNK hosted payments page where an end-user can select a cryptocurrency like Butcoin, Tether or Ethereum to make a 150 EUR payment requested by a merchant.

It will end up looking like this.

You can use the responses from our API to build your own UI. The next step will show you the workflow of our payments product so that you can understand the steps you'll need to recreate if you choose not to use our hosted page.