Testing your Integration

To test your integration with real blockchains, you will need to use a TestNet. Currently, BVNK is integrated with the Sepolia Test Network for Ethereum (ETH) and the Nile Test Network for Tron (TRX). Additionally, we support USDT ERC20 and USDT TRC20 on these TestNets.

To begin, you must first set up a wallet for receiving and sending test coins. We have two recommendations based on the type of cryptocurrency you are using:

  1. For Ethereum and USDT ERC20 transactions, we suggest following this guide to set up a MetaMask wallet.
  2. For Tron and USDT TRC20 transactions, we recommend this guide for setting up a TronLink Wallet.

To fund your wallets, follow these steps based on the type of currency and network:

  1. For Sepolia Ethereum (ETH):
    1. Add ETH to your MetaMask wallets using the Sepolia faucet.
    2. Alternatively, you can mine some using the Sepolia Proof of Work (PoW) Faucet.
  2. For USDT ERC20:
    1. Request USDT ERC20 tokens through your integration manager, as BVNK operates its own smart contract for this purpose.
  3. For TRX on the Nile TestNet:
    1. Obtain these coins from the Nile Tron page.
  4. For USDT TRC20:
    1. You can get any tokens that are on the supported TXYZopYRdj2D9XRtbG411XZZ3kM5VkAeBf contract, or talk to your integration Manager to get some tokens.

Should you have any issues, your integration manager can assist in funding your wallet.