Setting Up a MetaMask Ethereum Wallet for ETH and USDT ERC20 tokens

If you wish to test sending payments using the Payments API in Sandbox, this guide will help you set up MetaMask that you can add test tokens to.


  1. You need to IInstall Metamask in your browser, Chrome is recommended. Follow the steps carefully and save your password and recovery codes in a safe place.
  1. Pin the extension to your browser by pressing the puzzle icon then the pin icon next to MetaMask.
  1. Click on the fox-head icon to open your MetaMask wallet and login.
  1. Once Logged in you will automatically be on the Ethereum Mainnet. To change Networks click the networks dropdown in the top right.
  1. The 'Select a network' tab will open, click the slider to show test networks then select the Sepolia Network.
  1. You are now on the Sepolia Network, as shown by the 'S' in the top left and SepoliaETH token name. You are all set up to receive funds and test Ethereum transactions in sandbox.

Adding USDT ERC20

  1. To add USDT ERC20 tokens to the page, you need to import the tokens by adding the smart contact to your wallet.Under the tokens tab of your MetaMask wallet, click on 'Import tokens'.
  1. This will open the import tokens screen where you have to add the token contract address. Add 0x55271a2b08874e4A2B30338fF908F558E108a84B to this field. The Token symbol and Token Decimal should auto complete, but if not you can enter USDT and 6 respectively.
  1. Click Import when prompted.
  1. USDT ERC20 is now added to your wallet and you can complete USDT transactions once you have received test funds.
  1. Both ETH and USDT ERC20 on the Sepolia Network are now available on your MetaMask wallet. Get some test funds loaded and happy testing!