Crypto currencies

Digital currency transactions must be confirmed on the relevant blockchain before they are considered valid. In order to complete a deposit on our side, we will need to wait for the required number of confirmations on the network.


Currency NameCurrency CodeProtocolRequired confirmationsUse forDecimals0Conf
Tether USDUSDTTRC2020Deposits / Payouts6No
Tether USDUSDTERC2012Deposits / Payouts6No
PayPal USDPYUSDERC2012Deposits / Payouts6No
USD CoinUSDCERC2012Deposits / Payouts6No
BitcoinBTC2Deposits / Payouts8No
LitecoinLTC12Deposits / Payouts8No
RippleXRP1Deposits / Payouts6No
EtherETH12Deposits / Payouts8No
Binance CoinBNB12Deposits / Payouts12No
DogecoinDOGE15Deposits / Payouts8No
BitcoinCashBCH6Deposits / Payouts8No
TronixTRX12Deposits / Payouts5No
SolanaSOL12Deposits / Payouts8No
AlgorandALGO10Deposits / Payouts8No
DaiDAIERC2012Deposits / Payouts8No
CardanoADA12Deposits / Payouts8No
MaticMATICPOLYGON12Deposits / Payouts8No


Currency NameCurrency CodeProtocolRequired confirmationsNetworkUse forDecimals
EthereumETH12Sepolia TestnetDeposits / Payouts8
Tether USDUSDTERC2012Sepolia TestnetDeposits / Payouts6
Tether USDUSDTTRC2020Nile TestnetDeposits / Payouts6
TronixTRX12Nile TestnetDeposits / Payouts5