Channels redirectUrl changes

As part of ongoing brand migration from Coindirect to BVNK, we will be migrating our channels redirectUrl from to a new domain,, as of November 2023.

Important Notice Regarding JSON Deserialization

BVNK strives to provide the most comprehensive and useful data to our API users. As part of our continuous effort to improve and enhance our service, we may occasionally update our API response payloads by adding new fields. These updates are intended to provide additional value and should not affect your current implementation.

Payment risk object data will no longer be available starting October 2023

Important notice: transactions[].risk object will no longer supply risk related data starting from October 1, 2023.


Exporting wallet transactions to CSV for a period in time

We have added the ability to export wallet transactions to CSV and select a period (last month, last 3 months, last 6 months) or date range. This functionality is available on the BVNK portal. Check out a picture below:


Improvement to the payment statuses in the Wallets tab

We have improved the labels of some payments in the Wallets tab of the BVNK portal.
We now detail when payments are “Late”, “Underpaid” or “Overpaid”.