Creating your first Merchant

To start accepting payments, you'll need to create a Merchant ID (MID) in the BVNK portal. They are also useful for segmenting your account and separating your brands.

Merchant ID (MID) facts

  • Creating a merchant will also generate a unique Merchant ID (MID).
  • One MID must be linked to a wallet and can only be linked to one. E.g.: "Merchant 1" is linked to a "BTC wallet". "Merchant 1" can't be linked to a separate wallet".
  • A wallet can be linked to one or more MIDs. E.g.: a "BTC Wallet" is linked to "Merchant 1" and "Merchant 2".
    A different currency can be chosen when processing payments (in and out). Conversion fees apply.


  1. Navigate to "Manage account" and select "Manage merchants".

"Manage merchants" option in "Manage account".

  1. Set a name for your merchant.
  2. Select the wallet that will be linked to this merchant. A merchant can only be linked to one wallet but a wallet can be linked to more than one merchant.

"Create Merchant" pop up.

You can have as many merchants as you need to build your product - each merchant can have its own branding, name, and currency, and is attached to one of your wallets in your Virtual Account.

Optionally, add a webhook URL to track payment changes related to this merchant.

From this page, you'll be able to see all the details relating to your Merchant.

MID FieldDescription
Merchant NameThe name your customers will see on your payment pages as the recipient of the payment they are sending.
Merchant IDThe ID (MID) associated with the Merchant
Secret KeyThe secret you will use to validate webhooks sent to your Webhook URL.
Webhook URLThe URL that BVNK will send webhooks to.
WalletThe wallet that all your payments for this merchant will settle into.