Sending the user to pay

In the previous step, we created our payment. At the end of that step, we received a response from the API with all the payment details, and in this step, we will be using the redirectUrl.

After you've successfully created the payment you will need to redirect your end-user to the hosted page to make their payment. After redirecting, there's nothing to do but wait!

Your end-user will see:

An example of the BVNK hosted payments page where an end-user can select a cryptocurrency like Butcoin, Tether or Ethereum to make a 150 EUR payment requested by a merchant.

A screen asking them to choose their currency and accept a quote in the currency they have selected.


A screen where end users can scan a QR to open their wallet on their phone, copy details into their wallet, or even connect their wallet to automatically make the payment.


If the end-user chooses to pay with their wallet, they'll see that it is connected with a green icon.


As soon as the transaction can be seen on the blockchain, the end-user will see a screen telling them the payment is in progress. The payment state on the API will be in the processing state at this point.


Once the payment has been settled, the user sees that the payment is complete. At this point, the funds are present in the merchant account.


Currencies supported

End-users can only use the cryptocurrencies available to process the payment. As of 2022, fiat payments are not available from the hosted payments page.