Over payments

Receiving payment amounts greater than expected

Over payments happen when end users send too much cryptocurrency. They can occur when end users accidentally enter a number too high (e.g. they intend to send 0.01 ETH but send 0.1 ETH instead). In this case, the payment will still transition to a COMPLETE status.

To give greater flexibility to your end users on how much they send crypto top-ups is recommended.

There are 2 different outcomes based on how your account is configured, see below:

ConfigurationBalance impactStatus
Auto convert over payments is enabled Full amount of the over payment will be credited to your MID wallet in your wallet currency.

What's a MID wallet? Learn more here
Auto convert over payments is disabled The original payment amount will be credited to your MID wallet in your wallet currency and the excess amount of cryptocurrency received will be credited into the cryptocurrency wallet in the currency of the payment.

You can use the payout functionality to return the excess to the end user if required.

How can I see the amount actually received?

On the transactionConfirmed webhook you can see amount actually received in the paidCurrency.actual field. You can compare this value to the paidCurrency.amount field which shows the expected amount.


Over payments process flow


To change your configuration or learn more, please contact your Account Manager or Integration Manager

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