How to retrieve wallet transactions

You can use our Transactions API to retrieve a list of all your transactions for ease of reconciliation.
From the end-point you retrieve:

  • All your wallet transactions
  • All your wallet transactions by date range


Please ensure you are authenticated before you call this end-point. Follow the authentication steps here

Retrieve all wallet transactions

Here's an example transaction report request using the Report transactions endpoint.

curl -X "POST" "" \
     -H 'Authorization: Hawk id="cs32OwgPsxZIB642vqiclSFGBClYJ9LjVpq7n8xFKoytc8Fn9xRZBAuUQ4uRvOMe", ts="1635330255", nonce="0T7Ynn", mac="WpvsRJmKIgS/2xaM5Sfj7U7Tr3cuRFHaxIcT/A4ugP8="' \
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8'

Let's go through the details you'll supply in the transaction report request

walletIdstringThis is the walletId of your wallet. By including this walletId you can retrieve transactions for a specific wallet.
fromDatestringThe date of transactions you want to retrieve from in yyyy-MM-dd
toDatestringThe date of transactions you want to retrieve to in yyyy-MM-dd
formatstringThe format string must be set to 'json' - json format or 'csv' - csv format

The file that is generated will be sent to the email address associated with the authentication details. The email will be sent from [email protected] will appear



A CSV export for all the wallet transactions is available in the Merchant Portal.