Creates a channel that your end users can openly send payments to.

Response parameters

idnumberChannel sequence number
dateCreatednumberChannel creation date
lastUpdatednumberChannel last update
merchantIdstringYour merchant ID. You can find it on the "Merchant Details" page in your business account
walletCurrencystringThe merchant's target wallet currency code that the cryptocurrency payment will be converted and credited to e.g. EUR
displayCurrencystringChannel price currency e.g. JPY
payCurrencystringCryptocurrency code e.g. ETH
addressstringChannel cryptocurrency address
tagnumberIn the case of XRP, we will provide the payment destination tag in this field e.g. 3948573904. It is important that your customers specify destination tags when they send XRP payment to you as destination tags indicate the beneficiary or destination for a payment. See
referencestringChannel external ID
statusstringChannel status
uuidstringChannel UUID
redirectUrlstringURL to the payment page that you can redirect your customers to
uristringChannel URI
alternativesarrayIn this object, our API will return alternative protocols if there are any supported by Coindirect. For example, for USDT the API will return alternative TRC20 protocol details such as protocol, address, tag and uri
alternatives.protocolstringAlternative protocol code e.g. TRC20
alternatives.addressstringAlternative protocol address
alternatives.tagstringAlternative protocol destination tag.
alternatives.uristringAlternative protocol URI