Listening for Fiat Deposit Webhook

We covered how to create a webhook listener here in the getting setup guide - if you haven't done this already, go back to this step to get ready to receive webhooks. In addition, merchants who would like to use this feature will need to opt in through their account managers to activate it.

Once the deposit has been processed, you will receive an asynchronous response (Webhook) with the details of the deposit on the Webhook URL you provided when creating the merchant.

The most significant benefit to you as a merchant is that you will be able to automate your workflows by setting up triggers to determine which operations or activities to carry out once you receive a deposit. For example, if you operate a business that issues wallets to customers and these customers make deposits to fund their wallets, you can credit the customers' wallets as soon as you receive the webhook for the successful deposit, thereby eliminating the manual approach of having to periodically check the merchant portal to confirm deposits.

You should expect to receive the following webhook:

PayinDetectedA new deposit has been made to the merchant.
      "description":"Payment from scan payer name: SCAN",
         "name":"scan payer name",