Sending Fiat Payouts Via API

What is a Fiat Payout?

Fiat Payouts refer to fiat currency (Example EUR, GBP, NGN) payouts to bank accounts of end-users from your BVNK merchant account (wallets).

You can use the responses from our Payouts API to build your own logic flow. The next steps will show you the relevant workflows to implement this.

Testing Fiat Payouts in Sandbox.

A test VIBAN is required in order to initiate FIAT payouts.
Please contact the integrations team to set one up if you wish to test this flow.
-State the currency EUR/GBP

Once a wallet and VIBAN has been created you may convert funds to this wallet and test the flow.
It is important to note that no funds will be received when creating a payout as this is only a test function.