Configuring your Embedded Partner account

Setup your Partner account with relevant authentication and authorisation mechanism to test embedded payments


Before you start

Make sure you've followed the getting started steps to setup your Embedded Partner (EP) account to access your API authentication secret and keys.

The Embedded Partner (EP) account will be the de-facto parent of any Embedded Partner Merchant (EPM) accounts that you will create on our platform. The EP account will need to be configured by the BVNK team before you can execute the API call to open accounts on behalf of your Merchants. This configuration involves the following steps:

  • BVNK team will configure the EP account - contact your Integration Manager for this.
  • Create and share an external endpoint with BVNK so you can receive the webhook responses containing accountReference of the underlying Merchant account

To enable your Merchants to access BVNK embedded payments in your products, you'll need to call the BVNK API to create a merchant account for each one of your Merchants. We will share the accountReference of the Merchant via a custom webhook.

What’s Next

The next section will show how to open an Embedded Partner Merchant (EPM) account for your Merchant.