Retrieves a specific payment made into a channel.

Response headers

addressstringParent channel's destination address
channelIdstringParent channel's UUID
dateCreatednumberPayment creation date
displayAmountnumberPayment price
displayCurrencystringPayment currency e.g. JPY
displayRateobjectDisplay currency spot rate e.g. EUR/JPY
displayRate.basestringBase currency e.g. EUR
displayRate.counterstringCounter currency e.g. JPY
displayRate.ratenumberSpot rate
exchangeRateobjectWallet currency spot rate
exchangeRate.basestringBase currency e.g. ETH
exchangeRate.counterstringCounter currency e.g. EUR
exchangeRate.ratenumberWallet currency spot rate
feeAmountnumberFee amount
feeCurrencystringFee currency
hashstringCryptocurrency transaction hash
lastUpdatednumberPayment last update date
merchantIdstringMerchant ID
paidAmountnumberThe amount of received cryptocurrency
paidCurrencystringCryptocurrency code
referencestringChannel reference ID. Payments always inherit parent channel reference ID
riskobjectProvides risk details after BVNK runs automated transaction risk checks on its side
risk.levelstringRisk level. Can be LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH or SEVERE
risk.resourceNamestringThe resource name that the transaction is connected to
risk.resourceCategorystringThe resource category. E.g. Exchange or Dark Market, etc
statusstringPayment status
tagnumberDestination tag (in the case of XRP)
uuidstringPayment UUID
walletAmountnumberThe amount credited to your wallet
walletCurrencystringWallet currency