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php SDK package

We intend to use the PHP SDK, but it appears to be utilizing an older version of the guzzlehttp/guzzle package. Our system requires a newer version. Is there a way to request an upgrade to the new version?

Self-custody of merchant payins

Hello I've read through your doc today. Thank you for making it clear. I'm interested to know about the trustlessness of your payin workflow. For example - To what extent do EPs have custody over EPM payins? - Do payins from EPM customers go straight to a self-custodial wallet controlled uniquely by the EPM? The reason for these questions relates to my own company's tech which permits embedded secured lending by using borrower payins onchain to repay a loan and/or act as security for the loan. Happy to elaborate further Best regards Mike

Webhook signature verification failed for certain requests

I'm attempting to verify the signature in the webhook header. I can verify the signatures for "transactionDetected" events and a few "statusChanged" events. However, the signature does not match for any of the subsequent webhook requests that I've received. I have created the signature like this, ``` secret_key = BVNK_MERCHANT_SECRET content_type = 'application/json' # REMOVE WHITE SPACE FROM PAYLOAD payload = json.dumps(request.data, separators=(",", ":")) # GET WEBHOOK PATH path = "/webhook/path/" # CONCATENATE DATA THAT NEEDS TO BE HASHED data_to_hash = f"{path}{content_type}{payload}" # CREATE HMAC SIGNATURE hmac_sha256 = hmac.new(secret_key.encode('utf-8'), data_to_hash.encode('utf-8'), hashlib.sha256) hmac_signature = hmac_sha256.digest().hex() ```

P2P Money Tranfer

Hello, Do you support peer-to-peer money transfer platforms? We have a P2P Money Transfer Platform in NZ and AUS and we would like to integrate with someone in order to take the Platform international? Thanks

Unknown terms when get the merchant ID. Can anyone describe ?

In header authorization what is the ts,nonce and mac? Is that mac address of my own pc?

API: access denied

Hi, my name is Alex, I am in charge to integrate your platform. And I faced with error: Access Denied when perform API call. Can you please help to understand how can I get access or what I do wrong. Thanks forward.